Pelin Switch-versio julkaistiin 24.10.2019. PS4-versio julkaistaan 31.10.2019.

Magic resides in all of Bayala!

But when the dragons disappear, the power of magic might vanish with them. Together with Surah you set off on an adventurous journey across forests, into caves and to the Dragon Mountains of Bayala. Face Ophira, the evil Shadow queen, save Bayala from certain doom, and bring back its magic!

34,94 €


Bayala (PS4/NSW)

Bayala (PS4/NSW)

- Discover the magic of a fantastic world
- Rescue bayala from the evil Shadow Queen
- Complete numerous tasks in exciting adventure levels
- Ride from place to place and explore enchanted settings
- Teach Surah new skills to advance further
- Collect 100 stickers in your magical album
- Unlock five bonus games full of entertaining variety

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